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A World Premiere Play by Jon Elston

Nov. 9 – Dec. 2, 2012

Please note:  No Thursday Performances on November 22nd (Thanksgiving).  Wednesday Performances added November 21st at 7:30pm.  Mighty Taco Talkback Thursday student tickets will be honored on November 21st.

By Jon Elston · Directed by Scott Behrend

The Mayans predicted it… paranoid radio show hosts eagerly promoted it… blockbuster movies have been made about it. Now it’s here: the morning of December 21 st , 2012. And everything appears normal on this clear, sunny, and not terribly hectic Friday morning at the I-90 Angola Rest Stop. Then it starts to snow. But hey, it’s winter in Buffalo – that’s no shocker, right? But then something that looks like a small glacier (…that’s not possible, surely?) rolls up the Niagara River and over the Northtowns, and keeps rolling… and suddenly, the Blizzard of ’77 sounds like mild May picnic in Delaware Park.

…Just what is happening out there? That’s the question on the minds and tongues of the last eight denizens of the Angola Rest Stop… the final employees and travelers who waited too long to clock out or move on, or just barely made it off the road in time, and now are stranded for the duration. (And exactly how long will that be? Or will the snow (which seems to come out of the ground just as much as it’s falling from the sky) ever let up?).

An intrepid stock broker is desperate to make it downtown and to the aid of his wife (his 2011 Evoque has let him down in this inclement weather). An increasingly restless salesman nervously eyes the skies and wonders what kind of a message God might be trying to send him. A socially awkward performance artist rues the Flash Mob happening that’s been aborted in the wake of the storm, and rues the shiftless post-college youth that she’s been squandering. An estranged father and farmer hovers over his ailing teenage daughter as he frets about his flock, left on their own in the blizzard. A lonely restaurant manager refuses to abandon his post without permission, while a Border Patrolman’s mind reels at the horrors he’s already witnessed on the Rainbow Bridge… and an atheist Physics professor preoccupies herself by trying to decipher the inexplicable parade of numbers appearing on the screen of a depowered cash register.

As temperatures drop and tempers rise, desperate strategies to escape the Rest Stop are undertaken (and fail), and new and surprising threats loom at every turn. The menacing weather is not the only danger lurking outside the doors of the Rest Stop…  something sinister and possibly unearthly stalks the grounds, keeping the survivors confined, while madness slowly encroaches from within. What initially looked like just another rough WNY winter gradually begins to take on the appearance, indeed, of hell on Earth…

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