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New Play Workshop Selection

March 1 – March 24, 2013

A World Premiere Play by Donna Hoke                                

Directed Kristen Tripp Kelley

Married PhD scientist Marjorie has been trying to get pregnant for years, while her single, identical twin Josephine has three children by three different fathers. Fed up with infertility and pressure from her otherwise ideal husband Aidan to have children, Marjorie starts to wonder: is it so wrong to not want to be a parent? Aidan – never fully at ease with being adopted himself – isn’t ready to give up his quest for a biological child. When Josephine offers egg donor surrogacy as the “ideal” solution, salesman Aidan gives the pitch of his life and convinces his hesitant wife to inseminate Josephine personally – in their living room – an awkward scenario which prompts a recollection of a long-ago encounter that sheds new light on Aidan and Jo’s unspoken bond.

Aidan and Jo bond over the resulting pregnancy, but Marjorie is unable to connect to the idea of motherhood. When baby Joseph is born early and with serious health issues, Aidan embraces his new role as a father, but Marjorie’s inability to accept the situation is obvious, particularly to sister Jo and their mother, Kay, a dubious role model for motherhood herself. As fears over Joseph’s prognosis increases, the insecurities that brought the sisters to this point come to the fore… and Marjorie’s crisis of faith may prove insurmountable…

The decision that Marjorie and Josephine arrive at makes for the potent resolution to this unique and moving family drama…

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