Board of Directors

Ellen Hassett Cahill, Chairman

Brenda Weber-Miller, Secretary

Dr. William Reynolds, Treasurer

Monish Bhattacharyya

Donna Cicero

Dr. Gary DiNezza

Robert Hairston

Bernhard J. Huber

Jennifer Koch

Joan Rice

William Rupp

Henry Sokol

Sarah Tanbakuchi

Lamont Williams



BLUE: New York’s West Coast Party

In culmination of its 10th Anniversary Season, RLTP announced its second annual summer event.  With a new title, BLUE:...

RLTP Honors the Life of James Rebhorn

Actor a Leading Example of Support to Local Theatre BUFFALO, NY – March 24, 2014 – Road Less Traveled...

Buffalo News: Matt Witten breathes modern life into ancient tale in ‘An Iliad’ (4 stars!)

Matt Witten brings ‘Iliad’ to bloody life at Road Less Traveled                ...

RLTP 2008 World-Premiere Play Revived at Local College

WNY playwright and RLTP Ensemble Member Jon Elston will see his play The Elliptical – which debuted at the...