Emanuel Fried New Play Workshop


RLTP is proud to announce the 2014 Emanuel Fried New Play Workshop!

Playwrights will include:

Courtney Frances Fallon

Rosa Fernandez-Rivera

Joy Scime

Tracy Snyder

Winifred Storms


RLTP Ensemble playwright Donna Hoke (Seeds, Buffalo Rises: The Spirit Of Buffalo, The Couple Next Door) will also develop a new full-length play in the 2014 NPW and offer support to the other playwrights.

Public readings of the plays developed in the 2014 NPW will begin in September 2014. Please stay tuned for more details and for a schedule!

Applications for the 2015 New Play Workshop will be accepted beginning December 1st, 2014. Only electronic submissions (via e-mail) will be accepted. For more information, please visit www.roadlesstraveledproductions.org, or contact Jon Elston at jelston@roadlesstraveledproductions.org.

Since 2005, RLTP’s Emanuel Fried New Play Workshop has supported the development of original dramatic works by local playwrights, and RLTP looks forward to optimizing the pursuit of that mission in future seasons. Named for WNY’s legendary playwright – Emanuel “Manny” Fried – and under the supervision of Workshop Director Kyle LoConti and Literary Director Jon Elston, Playwrights will continue to provide peer support to one another during the composition and revision of their original Plays over a nine month period. In an attempt to improve not just the Play but the skill set of each Playwright, the development process will be supplemented by writing exercises, group discussions, and readings of plays not currently in development. All supplemental NPW content will be tailored to the needs and interests of the participating Playwrights. RLTP will continue to present development readings of each Playwright’s work to the public, directed by and featuring some of WNY’s finest theatrical talent. Audience members who attend these readings are invited to offer their constructive feedback — an integral component of each Playwright’s process.

Development Readings 2014:
Emanuel Fried New Play Workshop Readings take place on Monday evenings at 7:30pm.

Following each reading, the audience will have the opportunity to ask questions and give feedback to the playwright.

Readings will take place at Pausa Art House: 19 Wadsworth St, Buffalo, NY 14201.

Fee for attendance is $5 general admission.  $5 vouchers will be dispersed in return to redeem for food or beverages at Pausa.


The NPW has supported thirty-three local playwrights in the development of over forty original plays. Many of those plays have received world premiere productions by Road Less Traveled Productions; five of those – Darryl Schneider’s War Room and Clean Break, Annette Daniels Taylor’s A Little Bit Of Paradise, Ibn Shabazz’ Insidious, and Donna Hoke’s Seeds – have won the prestigious Artie Award for Best New Play, with several others receiving a nomination for the same award. In addition, multiple plays developed in the NPW have subsequently received world premiere productions outside of RLTP.

New Play Workshop

NPW public development reading of Ibn Shabazz' Insidious, 2009

Ibn Shabazz

Ibn Shabazz accepts the 2011 Artie Award for Best New Play for Insidious














• Eric Appleton (06/07)

• Dana Block (06/07, 2009)

• Frank Canino (05/06,06/07, 2011)

• Annette Daniels Taylor (05/06,06/07, 2010)

• Cindy Darling (05/06, 2009)

• Philip Durgan (2009)

• Michael Fanelli (05/06, 2008, 2010)

• Hunter Fernandez (2009)

• Rosa Fernandez (2011)

• Tom Paul Fox (2008)

• Billy Horn (2008)

• Donna Hoke (2008, 2009, 2011)

• April Jones (04/05)

• Justin Karcher (2009, 2010)

• Moira Keenan (2011)

• Aaron Krygier (2008)

• Christopher LaBanca (2008)

• Alex Livingston (2008, 2009, 2010)

• James Marzo (2010, 2011)

• Melissa Mawhinney (2009)

• Shaun McLaughlin (2011)

• Andrew Novell (04/05)

• Jose Rivera (2011)

• Gary Earl Ross (2008)

• Steve Roylance (2010, 2011)

• Vincent Scarsella (2010)

• Darryl Schneider (04/05, 05/06, 2010)

• Ibn Shabazz (2008)

• Lisa Vitrano (04/05)

• Melody Von Smith (06/07, 2008, 2010)

• Neil Wechsler (2010)

• Wendy Weinstein (2009)

• Mark Witteveen (2011)

• Jon Zelasko (2011)



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