Artvoice: "…Engaging and thought-provoking…"

Artvoice: "…Engaging and thought-provoking…"

By Anthony Chase Whereas the 1950s seemed to inspire playwrights with the wide expanse of social concerns, contemporary writers often view these issues more intimately, exploring the way such pressures are played out in private personal choices. Local playwright Darryl Schneider’s Clean Break begins as a play about a daughter, played by Andrea Andolina, coping…

Blog Less Traveled: Lovejoy’s Darryl Schneider brings down the house…again

This week, we speak to local playwright Darryl Schneider, whose current world-premiere play, Clean Break, opened at the Road Less Traveled Theater (639 Main St., Buffalo) on Friday, March 9. Schneider is an RLTP resident playwright and Clean Break is his fourth play produced by the company. All of his previous plays have been nominated…

'Clean Break:' Fredo is stellar in fine drama from local playwright…3.5 Stars!

By Ted Hadley Darryl Schneider, playwright- in-residence at Road Less Traveled Productions, loves to walk. Particularly when working on a new play, Schneider admits to hitting the streets, treading through Delaware Park — maybe sitting awhile on Shakespeare Hill awaiting inspiration — seeing much, hearing plenty, filing away ideas for now or maybe later…READ FULL…

GUSTO TV this week (March 15th)

Colin Dabkowski talks about RLTP:Blacklight’s Dependent, Undisciplined, and Sleeping Late along with Clean Break at the Road Less Traveled Theater!

2012 Buffalo Young Writers

Grand Prize winner and runners up will be announced Thursday March 15th at Mighty Taco Talkback Thursday following the performance of Clean Break!