Carly & Karcher Present (Wednesday Night Poetry)

Carly & Karcher Fall Lineup


September 20 – Flip the Script Vol. 2


The sequel to last season’s smash success, Flip the Script Vol. 2 will again bring local poets and local actors together for a night of electric performances. Local poets have let go some of their finest works and handed them over to local actors to perform in a theatrical context. Join Carly & Karcher for a night of original works, outstanding performances and mingling of the two most incestuous art communities in Buffalo.

Poems read by Zoe Diana, Josie DiVincenzo, Jimmy Janowski, Sabrina Kahwaty, Brett Klaczyk, Clarissa Lynn, Mara Westerling Morris, Victoria Perez-Maggiolo, Michael Seitz, Michael Starzynski, Thorin Vallentin, Emily Yancey and Adam Yellen.

Poems written by Ben Brindise, Tom Dreitlein, Noah Falck, Alana Kelley, Scott Kristopher, Dan McKeon, Paige Melin, Skyler Jaye Rutkowski, Aidan Ryan, Nathanael William Stolte, Rachelle Toarmino and Eve Williams Wilson.


September 27 – Ghosts of Poetry

Leading into October, Something Wicked This Way Comes will get everyone in that Halloween spirit. Join the Cringe-Worthy Poets Collective as they host a night of ghoulish poetry. This is the perfect time of the year to face your fears and what better way to do that than slaying monsters with art?


November 1 – A Staged Reading of Jeff Wilber’s Strip

Directed by Christopher Standart and Melissa Leventhal

The skyline shows old, ancient, crumbling buildings. Quite a contrast to Lake Erie, which shimmers in the distances. Buffalo, the city of no illusions…join us as we present Jeff Wilbur’s Strip, a poignant look at the dark and very human heart of Buffalo’s past. What better way to appreciate Buffalo’s resurgence than to hop in a time machine made of knives and celebrate the old Buffalo?


November 15 – A Theatrical Presentation of Justin Karcher’s Just Because You’ve Been Hospitalized for Depression Doesn’t Mean You’re Kanye West

Directed by Carly Weiser

Justin Karcher’s latest micro-chapbook, released by Ghost City Press in the summer, is a dizzying and poetic look at recovery in a city that has trouble getting out of bed in the morning. How does a person grow up in a world where Kanye West is your guardian angel and all your friends are either dead or dying?