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FARRAGUT NORTH (2015-2016 Season)

by Beau Willimon

Directed By Scott Behrend

04/29/2016  until  05/22/2016

Starring Peter Johnson, Richard Satterwhite, Victoria Perez, Dave Hayes, Danica Riddick, Steve Brachmann and Xavier Harris.

From the writer of the smash-hit House Of Cards: It’s election season, and press secretary Stephen Bellamy finds his idyllic career as the silver-tongued spin master for a presidential hopeful jeopardized by one tempting, late night phone call. Beneath the idealistic sheen of a primary race, doubletalk, dirty tricks, and machinations betray the ruthless reality of a political campaign. Friends and enemies begin to look alike when ambition trumps loyalty in the cutthroat game of professional politics.


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