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by David Mamet

Directed By Scott Behrend

October 27, 2017 until November 19, 2017

Advisory: Explicit Language What is the worth of a man? David Mamet turns Death of a Salesman into The Hunger Games of Chicago real estate: 1st Prize—a Cadillac, 2nd Prize—a set of steak knives, 3rd Prize—you’re fired! A masterpiece of modern American drama, this fast-paced, scalding tragedy is as tense, tight, and devastatingly hilarious as the day it was written. RLTP's peerless ensemble delivers a production that seems uniquely relevant in 2017...    

Directed by RLTP Artsitic Director/Ensemble Member Scott Behrend

Starring RLTP Ensemble Members

David Mitchell

Matt Witten

Dave Hayes

alongside Steve Brachmann, John Kreuzer, Dave Marciniak, and Patrick Moltane