SAFE (2015-2016 Season)

by Donna Hoke

Directed By Kyle LoConti

March 11, 2016 until April 3, 2016


Starring Christopher Evans, Michele Benzin, Jesse Tiebor, Matthew Gilbert, and Lisa Ludwig

1986: Teen Nancy lives under the thumb of a widower father paralyzed by grief and fear. Her new friend Brett –friendly, funny, charming, and unafraid—offers Nancy the chance to expand her comfort zone beyond the safety of her father’s tiny world. But Nancy hesitates, tragedy strikes, and psychic shockwaves ripple across decades.

2011: Nancy lives with her husband Kirk, a man every bit as afraid as her father was yet far more reactionary. As she stands watches Kirk program their teenage son with anger and intolerance, Nancy begins to examine the forces that have made her a prisoner in her own life and strives to undo this vicious cycle of fear and abuse. Artie Award winner and RLTP Ensemble Member Donna Hoke’s new play is a gripping study of community, culpability, and courage.

SAFE it is the winner of the 2014 Todd McNerney and Naatak National Playwriting Contests, as well as the 2015 Great Gay Play and Musical Contest. SAFE was also  a semi-finalist for nuVoices at Actors Theatre of Charlotte and the Bay Area Playwrights Festival, and a finalist for T. Schreiber New Works.