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THE ILLUSION (2018/19)

by Tony Kushner (Freely Adapted)

January 18, 2019 until February 10, 2019

From Pierre Corneille’s, L'Illusion Comique From the author of Angels in America. A beautiful story about love in all its wonderful and terrible forms. A penitent father seeks out a powerful, dark, magician to help him track down the son he nearly killed fifteen years ago. In a dark cave, Alcandre the Magician will conjure three tales from the lost son’s life for his father to witness. Tales of love, danger, and betrayal... told by shadows and illusions. In the process Alcandre shares a new understanding of the grandest illusion of all — love. “Who goes to serious theater? People who are curious about life, curious about illusion and reality, people with probing questions rather than dull convictions, people seeking solace from loss and injustice, but who seek solace not in denial or amnesia, but rather in rich, sometimes painful, hopefully illuminating visions and dreams — in serious art.” - Tony Kushner, The New York Times 6/4/2004 “Mr. Kushner makes words sing, swoon, and somersault as no other living American playwright does.” - Ben Brantley, The New York Times 6/5/2011 TICKETS ON-SALE NOW!

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