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by Laura Eason

April 26, 2019 until May 19, 2019

Since 1967, Hank’s bar has been home to the biggest up-and-coming bands from The Clash to Nirvana in one of the roughest neighborhoods in Chicago. It’s 1992, and gentrification has hit Hank with higher-rents and new fads in fashion and music. If Hank's to save his bar, he may have to let his daughter turn it in to a Rave nightclub where music is spun by DJ’s instead of being played by musicians. Hank would rather die, but is he willing to let his life’s work die, too? “A big idea for a play starts to gather — out of that a character will show up, then a situation will show up, and then dynamics and scenes. The next part of my process is fleshing it out, throwing some dirt on it, and kind of making it have more breath and space in it that’s more about the characters and less about the big ideas.” - Laura Eason, The Interval, 12/9/14 “In an era where all of the old music venues, bars, and diners are closing down, it's undeniable how timely and contemplative Eason's play truly is.” - David Gordon, TheaterMania, 4/2/15 TICKETS ON-SALE NOW!

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